Microcontact printing process for the patterned growth of individual CNTs


S.Casimirius, E.Flahaut, C.Laberty-Robert, L.Malaquin, F.Carcenac, C.Laurent, C.Vieu


Microelectronics engineering

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We report an original approach to pattern a substrate with isolated carbon nanotubes. Through the improvement of the microcontact printing technique by the use of a new composite stamp, we were able to produce on flat substrates micrometric features of a catalyst suitable for the localised growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes by catalytic chemical vapour deposition. This catalyst material is for the first time prepared via an original sol–gel process. The growth of straight carbon nanotubes between the patterns was observed and a method to promote the controlled growth of such isolated nanoobjects is thus conceivable.

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