Patterned domains of supported phospholipid bilayer using microcontactprinting of Pll-g-PEG molecules


Jerome Chalmeau, Christian le Grimellec, John Sternick, Christophe Vieu


Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces

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In this work, we propose a reliable microcontactprinting (μCP) process for generating Patterned SupportedPhospholipidsBilayer (P-SPB) confined by Poly-l-(lysine)-grafted-polyethylene(glycol) (Pll-g-PEG) molecular barriers. The efficiency of Pll-g-PEG for inhibiting the fusion process of incubated liposome was first analyzed by Quartz Micro Balance (QCM) measurements. The quality and stability of Pll-g-PEG patterns were then both verified by fluorescence microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) in liquid media. The micro domains of P-SPB produced were stable in liquid environment during several weeks and also during AFM imaging. This exceptional stability is a clear improvement compared to previous studies involving proteins as confinement barriers.

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