Procédé et dépôt simultané d’un ensemble de motifs sur un substrat par un macro timbre


JC Cau, H. Lalo, JP Peyrade, C Vieu, C Thibaut, C Séverac



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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an array for spotting a material in the form of a print on the surface of a substrate. ; SOLUTION: The array 1 includes a bottom plate 12 and studs 14 fixedly provided at the end part of the first face 121 of the bottom plate. The studs are disposed on the first face 121 of the bottom plate 12 so that the faces 141 of all studs 14 fixedly provided on the bottom plate 12 can be almost simultaneously brought into contact with the surface of the substrate. A manufacturing method of the array, and also a method for almost simultaneously spotting many material prints which are the same or not the same on the surface of the substrate by using the array 1 are provided in order to perform analysis are provided.

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