Biodétection optique sans marquage basée sur la diffraction de motifs moléculaires submicroniques





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Biodetection is one of the main challenges for different applicative fields such as diagnostic or pharmacological drug screening. The objective of this work is to develop a label-free biosensing technique based on the diffraction of light by a grating composed of submicrometric lines composed of biomolecules. For this purpose, we develop an optical model simulating the biosensor response in order to determine the key parameters used to optimize the detection. We show the application of this technique with two different interactions: one for the diagnostic, the other for pharmacological drug screening. Based on these experimental data, the optical model is validated. We also propose a new process to deposit different biomolecules in one step by micro contact printing, integrated into the biosensing set-up. The role and the impact of this technique for the citizen, are presented together with the general field of nanotechnologies.

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