We observe that microcontact printing is a tool used by physicist for many applications. For example, it is used to realize flexible electronics like :

  • flash memories
  • field emission device
  • touchless control interface
  • transistor.

It is also used during the layer deposition process. For example, in the case of atomic layer deposition or to metallize (electroless or not), µCP can be a powerful tool. Another application field is optics. Indeed, it is possible to fabricate micro lens or optical negative index components thanks to microcontact printing. Some optical effects are reached thanks to µCP like SERS (Surface enhanced Raman Spectroscopy).

It is also possible to realize some hydrophilic/hydrophobic pattern on different substrate for micro droplet manipulation.

For all these cases, the trend is to control the process at the wafer-scale. µCP is more and more a standard tool for physicist.


Fabrication of Microlens Arrays by Localized Hydrolysis in Water Droplet Microreactors

Author : Jun Liu , Meng-Jie Chang , Yong Ai , Hao-Li Zhang , and Yong Chen
Publication : 02/25/2013 - ACS applied materials & interfaces

Microcontact Printing: Microcontact Printing of Ultrahigh Density Gold Nanoparticle Monolayer for Flexible Flash Memories

Author : Han, S.-T., Zhou, Y., Xu, Z.-X., Huang, L.-B., Yang, X.-B. and Roy, V. A. L.
Publication : 07/03/2012 - Advanced Materials

Patterning of Gd2(WO4)3:Ln3+ (Ln = Eu, Tb) luminescent films by microcontact printing route

Author : Dong Wang, Piaoping Yang, Ziyong Cheng, Wenxin Wang, Zhiyao Hou, Yunlu Dai, Chunxia Li, Jun Lin
Publication : 01/01/2011 - Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Photoreversible fragmentation of a liquid interface for micro-droplet generation by light actuation

Author : Antoine Diguet , Hao Li , Nicolas Queyriaux , Yong Chen and Damien Baigl
Publication : 06/16/2011 - Lab On Chip

Large-area flexible 3D optical negative index metamaterial formed by nanotransfer printing

Author : Debashis Chanda, Kazuki Shigeta, Sidhartha Gupta, Tyler Cain, Andrew Carlson, Agustin Mihi, Alfred J. Baca, Gregory R. Bogart, Paul Braun & John A. Rogers
Publication : 06/05/2011 - Nature Nanotechnology

Simple ZnO Nanowires Patterned Growth by Microcontact Printing for High Performance Field Emission Device

Author : Hyun Wook Kang , Junyeob Yeo , Jin Ok Hwang , Sukjoon Hong , Phillip Lee , Seung Yong Han , Jin Hwan Lee , Yoon Soo Rho, Sang Ouk Kim , Seung Hwan Ko , and Hyung Jin Sung
Publication : 05/23/2011 - The journal of physical chemistry

An All-Printed Ferroelectric Active Matrix Sensor Network Based on Only Five Functional Materials Forming a Touchless Control Interface

Author : Martin Zirkl, Anurak Sawatdee, Uta Helbig, Markus Krause, Gregor Scheipl1, Elke Kraker1, Peter Andersson Ersman, David Nilsson, Duncan Platt, Peter Bodö, Siegfried Bauer, Gerhard Domann, Barbara Stadlober
Publication : 03/22/2011 - Advanced Materials

Hydrophobically Recovered and Contact Printed Siloxane Oligomers for General-Purpose Surface Patterning

Author : Ju-Han Kim , Hyun-Sik Hwang , Si-Woo Hahm and Dahl-Young Khang
Publication : 07/01/2010 - Langmuir

Selectively Metallized Polymeric Substrates by Microcontact Printing an Aluminum(III) Porphyrin Complex

Author : Michael S. Miller , Heather L. Filiatrault , Gregory J. E. Davidson , Minmin Luo and Tricia Breen Carmichael
Publication : 12/17/2009 - Journal of American Chemical Society

Low-voltage pentacene transistor inverters using micro-contact printed nanolayer

Author : Kwang H. Lee, Min Suk Oh, Byoung H. Lee, Myung M. Sung and Seongil Im
Publication : 12/04/2009 - Journal of Materials Chemistry

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