Microcontact printing and microspotting as methods for direct protein patterning on plasma deposited polyethylene oxide: application to stem cell patterning.


Ruiz A, Zychowicz M, Ceriotti L, Mehn D, Sirghi L, Rauscher H, Mannelli I, Colpo P, Buzanska L, Rossi F


Biomedical Microdevices

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Two methods for protein patterning on antifouling surfaces have been applied to analyze the density and bioactivity of the proteins after deposition. Microcontact printing has been used as a technique to transfer fibronectin through conformal contact, while piezoelectric deposition has been employed as a non-contact technique for producing arrays of fibronectin (FN). Plasma deposited polyethylene oxide-like (PEO-like) films have been used as non-fouling background to achieve the bioadhesive/biorepellent surface contrast. Both patterning methods allow the direct fabrication of protein arrays on a non-fouling substrate, and the subsequent formation of a pattern of stem cells by cell attachment on the arrayed substrates. Microcontact printing produced fully packed homogeneous fibronectin patterns, much denser than microspotted patterns. Both printing and spotting technologies generated functional protein arrays, their bioactivity being primarily modulated by the density of the deposited protein layer. Optimization of the FN parameters used for deposition has lead to the achievement of high-quality microarrays with large population of neural stem cells immobilized in the patterns in serum-free conditions, where cells exhibit a more homogeneous starting population and factors influencing fate decisions can be more easily tracked. The immunorecognition of fibronectin targeted antibodies, as well as the cell density, increase with the protein density up to a saturation point. Over 100 ng/cm(2) of fibronectin on the surface leads to a decrease in the number of attached cells and a raise of cell spreading.

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