Preparation of in situ Patterned ZnO Thin Films by Microcontact Printing


Hye jin Lim, Ki Hyun Yoon, Young-Jei Oh


Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society

Publication Date



In situ patterned zinc oxide thin films were prepared by precipitation of Zn(NO) aqueous solution containing urea and by microcontact printing using Self-Assembled Monolayers(SAMs) on A1/SiO/Si substrates. The visible precipitation of Zn(OH) that was formed in the Zn(NO) aqueous solution containing urea was enhanced with an increase of the reaction temperature and the amount of urea. As the reaction time of Zn(NO) with urea was prolonged, the thickness and grain size of Zn(OH) thin layers were increased, respectively. The optimum precipitation condition was at 80 for 1 h for the solution with the ratio of Zn(NO) to urea of 1 : 8. Homogeneous ZnO thin films were fabricated by the heat treatment of 600 for 1 h of Zn(OH) precipitation on Al/SiO/Si substrate. This was available to the in-situ patterned ZnO thin films with uniform grain size. Hydrophobic SAM, Octadecylphosphonic Acid(OPA) and hydrophilic SAM, 2-Carboxyethylphosphonic Acid(CPA) were applied on the Al/SiO/Si substrate by microcontact printing method. In situ patterned ZnO thin film was successfully prepared by the heat treatment of Zn(OH) precipitated on the surface of hydrophilic SAM, CPA.

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