Additive Fabrication of Patterned Multi-Layered Thin Films of Ta2O5 and CdS on ITO Using Microcontact Printing Technique


Lee, Jong-Hyeon ; Woo, Soo-Yeun ; Kwon, Young-Uk ; Jung, Duk-Young ;


Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society

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Abstract The micro-patterning of multi-layered thin films containing CdS and layers on ITO substrate with various structures was successfully obtained by combining three different techniques: chemical solution depositions, sol-gel, and microcontact printing (μCP) methods using octadecyltrichlorosilane (OTS) as the organic thin layer template. layer was prepared by sol-gel casting and CdS one obtained by chemical solution deposition, respectively. Parallel and cross patterns of multi-layers with and CdS films were fabricated additively by successive removal of OTS layer pre-formed. This study presents the designed architectures consisting of the two types of feature having horizontal dimensions of 170 ㎛ and 340 ㎛ with constant thickness ca. 150 nm of each deposited materials. The thin film lay-out of the cross-patterning is composed of four regions with chemically different layer compositions, which are confirmed by Auger electron microanalysis.

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