Microcontact printing of proteins for neuronal cell guidance


Andreas Offenhäusser , Simone Böcker-Meffert , Tanja Decker , Rita Helpenstein , Peter Gasteier , Jürgen Groll , Martin Möller , Anna Reska , Susanne Schäfer , Petra Schulte and Angela Vogt-Eisele


soft matter

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The growth of neurons into networks of controlled geometry is of great interest in the field of cell-based biosensors, neuroelectronic circuits, neurological implants, pharmaceutical testing as well as fundamental biological questions about neuronal interactions. The precise control of the network architecture can be achieved by defined engineering of the surface material properties: this process is called neuronal cell patterning. Different techniques can be used to produce such surface patterns. We have chosen microcontact printing (μCP), because it is a comparatively simple and universal method for patterning biomolecules.

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