Microcontact Printing of an Alkylsilane Monolayer on the Surface of Glass


G¨ul¸sin ARSLAN, Mustafa ¨OZMEN, ˙Imren HATAY, ˙Ilkay Hilal G¨UBB¨U K and Mustafa ERS¨OZ


Turk J Chem

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This paper describes the use of microcontact printing (μCP) for patterning of self-assembledm onolayers (SAMs) of (3-aminopropyl)-triethoxysilane (APTES) ando ctadecyltrichloro silane (OTS) on the surface of glass andf unctionalization of alkylsilane monolayers. After activation of the glass surface, which was patternedwit h OTS using a poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) stamp, the remaining bars of the surfaces were treated with APTES andth en treatedw ith a dye solution. The characterization of printedsi lane compounds was confirmed using fluorescence microscopy on the basis of the reaction between terminal amine groups of APTES and thionylchloride of Rhodamine-B dye. Quantitative 3- dimensional profiling was performed for the whole modification process by converting of microscopic images to numerical dimensions.

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