Self-assembled extracellular matrix protein networks by microcontact printing


Nicoletta Sgarbi, Dario Pisignano, Francesca Di Benedetto, Giuseppe Gigli, Roberto Cingolani, Ross Rinaldi



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Physiological patterns of the extracellular matrix protein, laminin-1, were obtained on glass substrates by physisorption-assisted microcontact printing. Besides the well-retained antigenicity confirmed by indirect immunofluorescence assays, we investigated the supramolecular organization of the proteins by atomic force microscopy. We found the characteristic protein self-assembling in polygonal networks with well-defined sub-100nm quaternary structures of laminin. The formation of these physiological mesh-like protein matrices was obtained by means of one-step soft lithography without any preliminary functionalization of glass, which can be exploited for many possible applications for cell cultures and biomolecular devices.

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