Large-area flexible 3D optical negative index metamaterial formed by nanotransfer printing


Debashis Chanda, Kazuki Shigeta, Sidhartha Gupta, Tyler Cain, Andrew Carlson, Agustin Mihi, Alfred J. Baca, Gregory R. Bogart, Paul Braun & John A. Rogers


Nature Nanotechnology

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Negative-index metamaterials (NIMs) are engineered structures with optical properties that cannot be obtained in naturally occurring materials1, 2, 3. Recent work has demonstrated that focused ion beam4 and layer-by-layer electron-beam lithography5 can be used to pattern the necessary nanoscale features over small areas (hundreds of µm2) for metamaterials with three-dimensional layouts and interesting characteristics, including negative-index behaviour in the optical regime. A key challenge is in the fabrication of such three-dimensional NIMs with sizes and at throughputs necessary for many realistic applications (including lenses, resonators and other photonic components6, 7, 8). We report a simple printing approach capable of forming large-area, high-quality NIMs with three-dimensional, multilayer formats. Here, a silicon wafer with deep, nanoscale patterns of surface relief serves as a reusable stamp. Blanket deposition of alternating layers of silver and magnesium fluoride onto such a stamp represents a process for ‘inking’ it with thick, multilayer assemblies. Transfer printing this ink material onto rigid or flexible substrates completes the fabrication in a high-throughput manner. Experimental measurements and simulation results show that macroscale, three-dimensional NIMs (>75 cm2) nano-manufactured in this way exhibit a strong, negative index of refraction in the near-infrared spectral range, with excellent figures of merit.

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