Selective Electroless Metal Deposition Using Microcontact Printing of Phosphine−Phosphonic Acid Inks


Tricia Breen Carmichael , Sarah J. Vella , and Ali Afzali



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We report a low-cost approach to selectively deposit films of nickel and copper on glass substrates. Our approach uses microcontact printing of organic inks containing phosphonic acid groups to bind the ink to a glass substrate and phosphine groups to bind a colloidal catalyst that initiates electroless metallization. We demonstrate this procedure by fabricating patterned nickel and copper films with areas as large as 15 cm2 and minimum feature sizes of 2 μm. We present studies on the use of two ink types, an oligomer and a bifunctional molecule, and demonstrate that pattern quality and adhesion of the metallized films depends on the molecular weight of the ink and the ratio of phosphine and phosphonic acid groups.

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