Full-colour quantum dot displays fabricated by transfer printing


Tae-Ho Kim, Kyung-Sang Cho, Eun Kyung Lee, Sang Jin Lee, Jungseok Chae, Jung Woo Kim, Do Hwan Kim, Jang-Yeon Kwon, Gehan Amaratunga, Sang Yoon Lee, Byoung Lyong Choi, Young Kuk, Jong Min Kim & Kinam Kim


Nature Photonics

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Light-emitting diodes with quantum dot luminophores show promise in the development of next-generation displays, because quantum dot luminophores demonstrate high quantum yields, extremely narrow emission, spectral tunability and high stability, among other beneficial characteristics. However, the inability to achieve size-selective quantum dot patterning by conventional methods hinders the realization of full-colour quantum dot displays. Here, we report the first demonstration of a large-area, full-colour quantum dot display, including in flexible form, using optimized quantum dot films, and with control of the nano-interfaces and carrier behaviour. Printed quantum dot films exhibit excellent morphology, well-ordered quantum dot structure and clearly defined interfaces. These characteristics are achieved through the solvent-free transfer of quantum dot films and the compact structure of the quantum dot networks. Significant enhancements in charge transport/balance in the quantum dot layer improve electroluminescent performance. A method using plasmonic coupling is also suggested to further enhance luminous efficiency. The results suggest routes towards creating large-scale optoelectronic devices in displays, solid-state lighting and photovoltaics.

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