An All-Printed Ferroelectric Active Matrix Sensor Network Based on Only Five Functional Materials Forming a Touchless Control Interface


Martin Zirkl, Anurak Sawatdee, Uta Helbig, Markus Krause, Gregor Scheipl1, Elke Kraker1, Peter Andersson Ersman, David Nilsson, Duncan Platt, Peter Bodö, Siegfried Bauer, Gerhard Domann, Barbara Stadlober


Advanced Materials

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Macroelectronic components combining different classes of devices often suffer from the high complexity and costs of the manufacturing processes. The printing of an active-matrix sensor network using only five functional inks is demonstrated. The result is an all-printed monolithically integrated touchless input interface, including ferroelectric sensor pixels, organic transistors for impedance matching, and an electrochromic display.

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