Bacterial protein patterning by micro-contact printing of PLL-g-PEG


V. Saravia, S. Küpcü, M. Nolte, C. Huberc, D. Pum, A. Feryb, U.B. Sleytr, J.L. Toca-Herrera


Journal of Biotechnology

Publication Date



Biomimetic micro-patterned surfaces of three S-layer (fusion) proteins, wild type (SbpA), enhanced green fluorescence protein (SbpA-EGFP) and streptavidin (SbpA-STV), were built by microcontact printing of poly-l-lysine grafted polyethylene glycol (PLL-g-PEG). The functionality of the adsorbed proteins was studied with atomic force microscopy and fluorescence microscopy. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) measurements showed that wild-type SbpA recrystallized on PLL-g-PEG free areas, while fluorescent properties of SbpA-EGFP and the interaction of SbpA-streptavidin heterotetramers with biotin were not affected due to the adsorption on the micro patterned substrates.

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