Click chemistry on self-assembled monolayer of zeolite L crystals by microcontact printing – Applications in nanobiotechnology


Nermin Seda Kehr, Jehad El-Gindi, Hans-Joachim Galla, Luisa De Cola


Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

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Self assembled monolayers (SAMs) of zeolite L crystals were functionalized with fluorescent dye molecules or bioactive carbohydrate using microcontact printing (mCP). Fluorescent molecules such as lissamine rhodamine (LRA) and sugars such as α-d-mannoside (α-d-Man) functionalized with a terminal acetylene spacer were immobilized by “click” reaction on the top side of an azide functionalized zeolite L monolayer. Patterned and non-patterned SAMs of α-d-Man functionalized zeolite were used for cell adhesion and cellular patterning.

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