Planar organic photonic crystals fabricated by soft lithography


D Pisignano, L Persano, G Gigli, P Visconti, T Stomeo, M De Vittorio, G Barbarella, L Favaretto and R Cingolani



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We employed mechanical patterning methods, including soft hot embossing and nanoimprinting lithography, to fabricate planar photonic crystal structures in organic materials, including both optically inert polymer matrices and light-emitting compounds exhibiting optical gain. The mechanical lithography processes allow a high-fidelity pattern transfer without reducing the emission yield, thus opening the way to the one-step realization of organic-based optoelectronic devices. Our demonstrators, presenting periodicities comprised between 250 and 600 nm, include solid-state distributed feedback cavities, exhibiting lasing emission at 630 nm, with a linewidth of about 1 nm and a pump threshold of 650 µJ cm−2 at room temperature. The potentiality of these techniques for the realization of two-dimensional planar photonic crystal structures is also presented and discussed.

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