Single molecule magnets: from thin films to nano-patterns


Massimiliano Cavallini , Massimo Facchini , Cristiano Albonetti and Fabio Biscarini


Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

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Single molecule magnets (SMM) are a class of molecules exhibiting magnetic properties similar to those observed in conventional bulk magnets, but of molecular origin. SMMs have been proposed as potential candidates for several technological applications that require highly controlled thin films and patterns. Here we present an overview of the most important approaches for thin film growth and micro(nano)-patterning of SMM, giving special attention to Mn12 based molecules. We present both conventional approaches to thin film growth (Langmuir–Blodgett, chemical approach, dip and dry, laser evaporation), patterning (micro-contact printing, deposition on patterned surface, moulding of homogeneous films) and new methods specifically developed for SMM (lithographically controlled wetting, lithographically controlled de-mixing).

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