Microchannel-patterned and heparin micro-contact-printed biodegradable composite membranes for tissue-engineering applications


Erkan T. Baran, Kadriye Tuzlakoğlu, António Salgado, Rui L. Reis


Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Publication Date



Microchannel-patterned starch–poly(capro-lactone)/hydydroxyapatite (SPCL–HA) and starch–poly(lactic acid) (SPLA) composite membranes were produced for use as a laminated tissue-engineering scaffold that incorporates both physical and biochemical patterns. For this purpose, SPCL (30% starch) blended with inorganic hydroxyl apatite (50%) and SPLA (50% starch) membranes were made with compressive moulding. Consequently, the microchannel structures (width 102 µm, 174 µm intervals) were developed on the composite membranes by means of micro-patterned metal mould(s) and hydraulic pressing. An elastomer poly(dimetylsiloxane) stamp was used to transfer heparin as a biochemical cue over the microchannel surfaces by micro-contact printing (µCP). Toluidine blue staining of developed capillaries and heparin µCP-coated membranes showed that heparin was transferred predominantly over the microchannel surfaces. Fibroblast cell culture over the microchannel-formed and heparin µCP-modified SPCL–HA and SPLA membranes showed distinct growth patterns. In contrast to the uniform cell layer formed on unmodified microchannels, the cells were bridging across the grooves of heparin-printed microchannels. At extended culture periods, the heparin-printed microchannels were covered with a layer of fibroblast cells without cellular ingrowths inside. This study indicated that the topographical pattern could induce an organization of fibroblasts only with the biochemical cue and the cells' functions can be controlled spatially over the microchannels by using both cues.

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