Patterned Protein Layers on Solid Substrates by Thin Stamp Microcontact Printing


C. D. James , R. C. Davis , L. Kam , H. G. Craighead , M. Isaacson , J. N. Turner, W. Shain



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Microcontact printing (μCP) is a new method of molecularly patterning surfaces on a micrometer scale. In this paper, we present the extension of microcontact printing to producing patterned layers of proteins on solid substrates. μCP avoids the use of strong acids and bases necessary in photolithographic patterning, allowing its use for patterning of proteins and other biological layers. We also describe the methods of thin stamp microcontact printing that allow printing of isolated features previously unattainable by microcontact printing. A solution of polylysine in borate-buffered saline was printed onto a glass coverslip, yielding micrometer scale features over an area of 4 cm2.

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