A simple and versatile micro contact printing method for generating carbon nanotubes patterns on various substrates


A. Béduer, F. Seichepine, E. Flahaut, C. Vieu


Microelectronic Engineering

Publication Date



We present an optimized process for generating at low cost, patterns of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on a large variety of substrates through a simple micro contact printing method. This method meets the requirements for the integration of CNTs into microdevices, for applications in microelectronics (interconnects), flexible electronics (printed conductive electrodes) and biodevices (biosensors and biosystems for regenerative medicine). We have optimized a new method for inking PolyDiMethylSiloxane (PDMS) stamps with CNTs that turned out to improve significantly the quality of the printed features over large surfaces. This inking step is performed by adapting a spray-coating process leading to a dense and homogeneous coating of the stamp with a thin layer of CNTs. The printing step is performed using a solvent mediation, allowing us to pattern this thin layer of CNTs onto various substrates by contact through a thin film of liquid. We demonstrate that this soft and rapid methodology can lead to the realization of CNTs patterns with versatile geometries onto various substrates at the micron scale. Examples of applications for CNTs interconnects and flexible electronics are rapidly shown.

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