Microtransfer molding of hydrophobic dendrimer


C. Thibault, C. Severac, E. Trévisiol, C. Vieu


Microelectronic Engineering

Publication Date



Microtransfer molding (μTM) was used to deposit nanostructured patterns multilayers of G4 aldehyde dendrimers on silicon wafers. We demonstrate that this soft-lithography process is capable of reaching nanometer scale resolution. In contrast with micro-contact printing techniques, we show that thick layers of dendrimer films can be processed. As far as we know, it is the first time that nanoscale features have been achieved by microtransfer molding. We show that the thickness of the dendrimer layer can be controlled via the dendrimer concentration inking the PDMS stamp. Features as small as 40 nm spaced by 360 nm can be achieved with aspect ratio as high as two.

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