Microscale multiple biomolecules printing in one step using a PDMS macrostamp


Helene LALO, Jean-Christophe Cau, Christophe Thibault, Nathalie Marsaud, Childerick Severac, Christophe Vieu


Microelectronics Engineering

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We have developed a novel method for multiplexing the Micro-Contact Printing (μCP) technique which targets the deposition of 100–1000 different molecules in onestep. For this purpose we have fabricated so-called macrostamps containing millimetric pads arranged in a periodic array compatible with titration plates. Through a very simple procedure of molding, each of this pad includes topographical micro and nanoscale features suitable for μCP on its surface. Then by inking the macrostamp in a single step through a titration plate, it becomes possible to print different inks in onestep. The validations of this process are presented with the latest results showing that without any trace of contamination up to 800 different biological inks can be printed in onestep. This method could be efficiently exploited for generating at low cost new slides for DNA Micro-arrays.

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