Using polydimethylsiloxane as a thermocurable resist for a soft imprint lithography process


L. Malaquin, F. Carcenac, C. Vieu, M. Mauzac


Microelectronic Engineering

Publication Date



Nanoimprint lithography has been investigated using polydimethylsiloxane as a thermocurable resist. This novel process allowed us to reduce both pressure (<10 bars) and temperature (80 °C) when compared to a conventional imprinting process with a thermoplastic polymer resist such as polymethylmethacrylate. Using a new formulation of the elastomeric material, we have demonstrated high quality imprinting of both micronic and nanometric structures with no evidence of any viscous flow problems. The excellent etching resistance of the polydimethylsiloxane structures to a reactive ion etching silicon process and the compatibility with a lift-off procedure for pattern transfer are also presented.

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