Elaboration of micro-domains of supported bilayer membranes using micro-contact printing


J. Chalmeau, L. Salomé, C. Thibault, C. Severac, C. Vieu


Microelectronic Engineering

Publication Date



Combining patterning methods with the ability of biomolecules to arrange themselves in organized molecular structures is a very interesting approach for building complex 3D architectures. Along this route, that combines nano-patterning with bottom-up assembly, we have used micro-contact printing (μCP) for fabricating self assembled supported phospholipids membranes that can mimic cell membranes and their compartments due to the ability of the technique to shape domains at the micron scale. Micro-domains of lipidic membranes were obtained, though the selective fusion of liposomes on SiO2 surfaces printed with bovins serum albumine patterns. We found that BSA pattern obtained by μCP prevents the fusion of liposomes. This result was confirmed by atomic force microscopy, fluorescence imaging and FRAP experiments.

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