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Until 2005, the majority of articles dealt with the technological part of microcontact printing. More and more, µCP is not the main topic of article because is begun a tool for researcher.

Multiwalled Carbon-Nanotube-Functionalized Microelectrode Arrays Fabricated by Microcontact Printing: Platform for Studying Chemical and Electrical Neuronal Signaling

Author : Kai Fuchsberger, Alan Le Goff, Luca Gambazzi, Francesca Maria Toma, Andrea Goldon, Michele Giugliano, Martin Stelzle, Maurizio Prato
Publication : 01/18/2011 - Small

Fibre laser machining for glassy carbon master mould and soft lithography based two-step printing for Ag nanoparticle structures

Author : Qin Hu, Pranav Chopra
Publication : 01/17/2011 - Optics and Lasers in Engineering

Microcontact printing of biomolecular gratings from SU-8 masters duplicated by Thermal Soft UV NIL

Author : Amandine M.C. Egea, C. Vieu
Publication : 01/15/2011 - Microelectronic Engineering

Nanotopographic Control of Neuronal Polarity

Author : Aldo Ferrari , Marco Cecchini , Akshay Dhawan , Silvestro Micera , Ilaria Tonazzini , Ripalta Stabile , Dario Pisignano , Fabio Beltram
Publication : 01/11/2011 - Nanoletters

Nanostructuration of soft hydrogels: synthesis and characterization of saccharidic methacrylate gels

Author : S..Vilches, C.Séverac, C. Thibaut, L. Laplatine, C. Vieu, J.Fitremann, A-F Mingotaud, P. Martinoty, Collin
Publication : 01/01/2010 - Colloid & Polymer Science

Characterization of embrionic rat cortical cells grown on microcontact printed protein patterns

Author : steve Chase, Simone Meffert
Publication : 01/01/2010 - nnin

Microcontact Printing

Author : Joe Muskin
Publication : 01/01/2010 -

SERS Immunoassay Using Microcontact Printing for Application of Sensitive Biosensors

Author : Hong, Won-Jin ; Seo, Hyeong-Kuyn ; Jung, Young-Mee
Publication : 01/01/2010 - Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society

Microchannel-patterned and heparin micro-contact-printed biodegradable composite membranes for tissue-engineering applications

Author : Erkan T. Baran, Kadriye Tuzlakoğlu, António Salgado, Rui L. Reis
Publication : 12/29/2010 - Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

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