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Until 2005, the majority of articles dealt with the technological part of microcontact printing. More and more, µCP is not the main topic of article because is begun a tool for researcher.

Reversible patterning and actuation of hydrogels by electrically assisted ionoprinting

Author : Etienne Palleau, Daniel Morales, Michael D. Dickey & Orlin D. Velev
Publication : 08/03/2013 - nature

Magnetic field assisted micro contact printing: a new concept of fully automated and calibrated process

Author : Cau Jean-Christophe, Lafforgue Ludovic, Nogues Marie, Lagraulet Adriana, Paveau Vincent
Publication : 04/18/2013 - Microelectronic engineering

Dynamic PDMS inking for DNA patterning by soft lithography

Author : J. Fredonnet, J. Foncy, S. Lamarre, J-C. Cau, E. Trévisiol, J-P. Peyrade, J-M. François, C. Séverac.
Publication : 03/29/2013 - Microelectronic Engineering

Osteogenesis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Nanoscale Mechanotransduction

Author : Habib Nikukar , Stuart Reid , P. Monica Tsimbouri , Mathis O. Riehle , Adam S. G. Curtis , and Matthew J. Dalby
Publication : 02/27/2013 - ACS nano

Ultralow protein adsorbing coatings from clickable PEG nanogel solutions: Benefits of attachment under salt-induced phase separation conditions and comparison with PEG/albumin nanogel coatings

Author : Casey D Donahoe , Thomas L. Cohen , Wenlu Li , Peter K. Nguyen , John Dyer Fortner , Robi D. Mitra , and Donald L. Elbert
Publication : 02/26/2013 - Langmuir

Fabrication of Microlens Arrays by Localized Hydrolysis in Water Droplet Microreactors

Author : Jun Liu , Meng-Jie Chang , Yong Ai , Hao-Li Zhang , and Yong Chen
Publication : 02/25/2013 - ACS applied materials & interfaces

Laser Printing of Nanoparticle Toner Enables Digital Control of Micropatterned Carbon Nanotube Growth

Author : Erik S. Polsen , Adam G. Stevens , and A. John Hart
Publication : 02/25/2013 - ACS applied materials & interfaces

Microcontact printing and microspotting as methods for direct protein patterning on plasma deposited polyethylene oxide: application to stem cell patterning.

Author : Ruiz A, Zychowicz M, Ceriotti L, Mehn D, Sirghi L, Rauscher H, Mannelli I, Colpo P, Buzanska L, Rossi F
Publication : 02/13/2013 - Biomedical Microdevices

Reliable Synthesis of Monodisperse Microparticles: Prevention of Oxygen Diffusion and Organic Solvents Using Conformal Polymeric Coating onto Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Micromold

Author : Jae-Min Jeong, Myung Seok Oh, Bong Jun Kim, Chang-Hyung Choi, Bora Lee, Chang-Soo Lee, and Sung Gap Im
Publication : 02/13/2013 - Langmuir

Une machine de tamponnage moléculaire pour la nanoimpression

Author : Ludovic Fery
Publication : 02/12/2013 - industries & technologies

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